Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Excellent Article Accurately Describes ME/CFS and Groundbreaking Research

Every day, my e-mail inbox and Twitter account are filled with links to various articles, online postings, blog posts, etc. about ME/CFS. They typically fall into three categories: those in mainstream media that do a poor job of describing ME/CFS, those in medical journals that are very technical in nature, and those by and for ME/CFS insiders, like patients and advocates. After a while, it can all feel like the same old thing, over and over.

But today, I clicked a link to an article by Kris Newby in Stanford Medicine, Fall 2014, called Immune System Disruption: The Search for Answers and was truly impressed. Newby has done two remarkable things in her article. She accurately describes what life is like for someone with ME/CFS and what the state of research and lack of funding are for our often-ignored illness. And she also describes some ground-breaking research going on at Stanford that is absolutely stunning and gives me hope for a brighter future.

I'm not sure whether this publication is meant for other scientists and researchers or for the general public or both, but Newby did a great job of balancing the technical information and a picture of the real word for ME/CFS patients.

I know all about Dr. Jose Montoya's work at Stanford in treating ME/CFS with antivirals - he is, after all, one of the few great heroes in our limited world - but I was completely unaware of the the other amazing work going on at Stanford for ME/CFS. Montoya put together an incredible multidisciplinary team to look at all aspects of ME/CFS - genetics, infections, immune system, endocrine system, OI, etc. - and there is groundbreaking work being done there by Dr. Mark Davis, PhD, on the immune system that has the potential to change not just the ME/CFS world but many other illnesses as well. In addition, they have a state of the art laboratory, some very specialized equipment, and extensive private funding.

All in all, I was so impressed by this article that I immediately e-mailed the author to thank her. This kind of update gives me hope. Please click the link to read the full article and share it widely.

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  1. Thank you! I will be spreading this important article around!

  2. Good post, Sue. I am going to re-blog your post.

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