Saturday, May 20, 2006

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Last week when I was severely crashed, I managed to keep my spirits up most of the time with an attitude of "this will pass," but by the end of the week, when I felt worse instead of better, I slid into the quicksand of self-pity and mourning that so often accompanies chronic illness. I found myself thinking too much about all the things I can no longer do, all the limitations in my life, all the can'ts.

Back to nor
mal (for me anyway) this week, my spirits are revived, and I'm trying to focus more on the things I can still do. Here are some of the things that bring me joy and make me feel good:
  1. Being outside, especially in the sunshine
  2. Camping
  3. Taking a walk - something I used to take for granted that I now relish on my better days
  4. Spending time with my niece and my new nephew (holding a baby can cheer me up no matter how low I'm feeling)
  5. Losing myself in a really good book
  6. Watching a funny, uplifting movie (some of my favorites are Elizabethtown, Love Actually, and As Good As It Gets)
  7. Listening to favorite music
  8. Laughing with my husband
  9. Going on road trips with my husband and kids, cocooned in our car and our camper and living at our own pace
  10. Talking and laughing with good friends
  11. Being at the beach - I love the salt air, the wind, the sound of the waves
  12. Hiking - our hikes are shorter than the old days, but I'm grateful I can still enjoy the outdoors with my family
  13. Playing games with family and friends
  14. Writing, when I'm "in the zone" and the words just flow
  15. Re-telling old stories with my family and laughing so hard we can hardly catch our breath
  16. A quiet, clean, uncluttered house
  17. Anything with my two sons (even though this one directly contradicts the last one). Just being with them makes me feel good.
I'll look at this list the next time I'm feeling bad to remind myself of all the joy in my life!

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