Thursday, April 19, 2007

News from Planet Jackson

It's been one of those weeks. Both boys have been home sick for four days now, and I've been pretty badly crashed most of the week as well (doing much better today). At times like this, our universe shrinks down to these four walls, trying to relieve symptoms, rest, and do a little homework.

I had perked up enough by last night to go to my neighborhood book group. Even though I was physically still a little run-down, getting out of the house and getting my mind off illness and school was a huge mental and emotional boost. I came home feeling tired but refreshed, and I feel much better today.

As I walked home from my neighbor's house last night, I felt like I was returning to my home planet after visiting an alien world. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful conversation of my book group, but when I'm in a group like that, I become aware of how different my life is from everyone around me.

I enjoy these brief immersions in the "normal" world. Book groups (I belong to two) are especially nice because I can discuss the book on an even level with everyone else. Reading is one of the few things I can do just like any other person. Toward the end of our meeting last night, though, the talk turned to other topics. The women around me talked about travel, home improvements and decorating, visits to museums, and other topics of their foreign world. I felt like a reporter from another planet, listening and observing an alien lifeform. I enjoyed the conversation, but there's always a part of me that feels different and separate.

Here I am today, back on my own planet, taking care of sick kids, e-mailing teachers, distributing clipboards and notebook paper to my prone children, and helping with homework. It's a different kind of normal, but it's ours and I'm grateful for what we have and the joys we're still able to experience.


Sherry said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am in choir and I enjoy trying to get to that and immerse myself in the music and also try to accomplish something that takes energy. But it is hard for me to go to baby/wedding showers, etc. where everyone starts chatting about "life."

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, so glad I came across your blog today. I was starting to think I was the only one with a life restricted by cfs. Your blog is like the holy grail for a person affected by this, thanks for sharing.

Sue Jackson said...

Sherry & Kelly -

Thanks for the nice comments. Glad to hear my ramblings struck a chord with you, though sorry that you're familiar with this life of illness also.