Friday, June 27, 2008

On Vacation

Just a quick update from Oklahoma, where we're visiting my in-laws. We're enjoying our vacation so far and had a good trip out here. It's a little strange this visit because my mother-in-law recently moved to a nursing home, but we're visiting her every day and bringing her home for home-cooked meals and, well, just home.

My month-long streak of feeling great finally ended with a mild crash. Craig had a couple of bad days earlier this week, so I suspect some sort of virus got to both of us. I've had a couple of days with a queasy stomach, achy knees, and feeling run-down. I've had that odd combination of symptoms before. I'm not back to 100% yet but doing much better today. I even baked some zuchini bread this morning.

So, all in all, doing pretty well and hoping to get back to great by tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Hope you and Craig are feeling better and enjoying time on the road!

Diane J Standiford said...

Yumm...fresh bread. Vacations can be better than medicine!

hobbz said...

Sue, I think your blog is great! I have my own blog on fibromyalgia and I added a link to your blog....if that's a problem let me know and I'll take it off....thanks for the great perspective!

L'Adelaide said...

hi sue....I spent much of my insomnia last night reading up on your blog...thanks for all the links as I am taking valcyte for my CFS, suffering much and found much to read here...I am glad you are doing well enough to bake some bread, yum! I will be checking back often to see how things go...I was not able to figure out exactly what you are doing in your meds right now. I have very high titres of HHV 6 and was very ill with CFS and am trying the valcyte. I am trusting my doctor with this as but do not trust the valcyte (YIKES)!

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Linda -

Sorry about your insomnia, but I'm glad you found my blog helpful!

I plan to write another medication update soon, but I am still on Valtrex and still on low-dose naltrexone. If you have high HHV-6 then the Valcyte may work well for you, but expect to get worse first.

Good luck! I hope it helps -