Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Anyone use NADH?

I saw this article on about NADH supplementation and was curious if anyone else out there had tried it and found it effective?

I tried it a few years back, and it did increase my energy, but I found that it disturbed my sleep. So, I didn't stick with it.

Anyone else have experience with NADH - good or bad?


Knittah said...

Bad. Tried it to no avail. I don't remember any side effects - just didn't help.

Anonymous said...

The same thing for me as knittah.
How is your health nowadays.. I wonder what happend since you resting entry.

Do you think the medication you are taking could have some sideeffects.. I hope not.

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Erik -

I'm still feeling awful. It has nothing to do with my medications - I haven't changed anything in over 7 months. It's either one of those weird flare-ups that you can't figure out the cause or possibly some new infection, like Lyme disease. My Lyme test just came back negative, but they're notoriously inaccurate, so i will probably ask my doctor on Monday to put me on antibiotics to see if it's really Lyme. I'll post here on my blog as soon as I know anything. Thanks for asking!