Friday, December 05, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Man, what a week. First, the Bad:

I've been SO sick. I actually seem to have a cold virus - very unusual for me. We must have picked up some nasty germs during our trip to Rochester (all those hugs and kisses from little cousins!!). I've been completely useless since Monday - terrible sore throat, congestion, cough, fever, plus bad CFS and Lyme symptoms.

Craig called from school Tuesday morning, just as I'd decided to go back to bed, and asked me to bring his drum kit to school for band. I dragged myself out to the car - in sweats, looking and feeling awful - and my car broke down half-way to school! I had to wait for a tow truck and a friend who rescued me. Now it looks like another $400 repair for my car. The worst part? The office secretary got mixed up and there wasn't band practice that day after all!

The Good:
There have been a few brief flashes of goodness this week. As I sat by the side of the road on Tuesday, a truck made a U-turn and pulled up behind me. It was our appliance repairman - who we only see about once a year - stopping to see if I needed help. He recognized my car and remembered me. What a nice guy.

We had a nice surprise on Wednesday, delivery of one of those fruit baskets that looks like a flower arrangement! Jamie and I had helped an elderly neighbor who fell a couple of weeks ago, and she sent this wonderful gift as thanks.

Best of all, even though I've been terribly sick, the kids both had a good week. Jamie was home sick just that one day, bounced back quickly, and went to school the rest of the week. Craig just had a sore throat one morning but felt fine by afternoon and didn't miss any school. Sometimes this crazy, over-active immune system works in your favor!

And the Ugly?
Ah, that would be me - still in the same old, baggy sweats, with matted hair from lying in bed all day, and in desperate need of a shower. Ew.

Here's to a better weekend and a better next week!

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