Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow (and ice and rain) Day!

The boys were thrilled to FINALLY get a snow day today. Delaware hasn't had much snow so far this winter. We only got a few inches last night, and it turned to ice, then rain today, but they made the best of it. They spent the whole day outside, building this cool fort (Craig is straddling the edge and Jamie's in the middle). I hope the rain doesn't wash it away too soon. I also hope that neither of them crashes from the exertion, but sometimes you just have to let them have fun! Jamie's chugging Gatorade, and Craig (who is REALLY sick of Gatorade) is having a Cup of Noodles. Those things have 1180 mg of sodium!! Wow, that should do the trick. Keep your fingers crossed that he makes it to school tomorrow. Jamie's school is closed anyway tomorrow, so I'm not worried about him (he already missed Monday after an active weekend).

I've spent our snow day flat on my back on the couch. I'm feeling crummy - achy, sore throat, the works. It might be from the trip to Target I made yesterday (always a big event for me!), but I'm worried it's something else. The Lyme doctor was pleased I was doing so well and asked me to try a supplement that's antibacterial. He said if I respond to it, it could mean there is still some lingering Lyme or some other co-infection not identified in the blood tests. I started it earlier this week and haven't been doing too well since. I'm pretty bummed. I don't know if I can take another multi-week or -month run of herxing. But, of course, if there is any lingering infection, I want to get rid of it. I hope this is just from the shopping...we'll see. At least I've had plenty of time to read today.


Laura (aka Mom) said...

I love the fort! We ended up only getting rain for the most part with icy spots. In the northern part of the state, it's REALLY icy with power outages and the works. I'm glad we didn't get the power outages etc, but Matthew was disappointed that he didn't get a snow day.

I'm sorry your not feeling well though! We can hope it's from the shopping. I hope you get to feeling better soon.


Shelli said...

How fun! It's been a strange warm winter for us in So California, so we're not seeing any snow, even in the mountains near here. I agree, sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and enjoy life. I hope you're feeling better soon, though!

Sherry said...

Our lives are so incredibly parallel. Yes, snow forts are worth a crash. I'm sure you've found, like me, that our decision-making, risk-taking, life-living doesn't follow "the rules" of normal society. People will look at what we do and say..."Well!" We may be judged by others, but oh. well. Yay for helping your kids to "keep the joy."

Speaking of all of that,... ahem, my husband gave me the okay to treat my daughter to a road-trip (just the two of us)to a city that takes at least 6 hours each way of car travel and we won't have much more than 2 1/2 days to be gone. I'm not even sure how I'll do it(this weekend,)but the risky decision just seemed like the right one to make. Yikes...!