Monday, July 27, 2009

The Sound of Silence

What's that sound? Ah, silence! The boys are off on their grandparents' sailboat with their cousin on the annual Grandkids' Cruise this week, and Ken and I have the house all to ourselves.

Of course, you know how much I love my sons, and we've been having a lot of fun together this summer...but I was really ready for this week off! I am responsible only for myself, the house is quiet (and clean), there are no hordes of boys running in and out of the house, and the grocery bill was so low this weekend!

As usual, I probably have way too many things that I plan to get done, but I woke up this morning feeling pretty wiped out from a bit (and I really mean a BIT) of yard work yesterday. Fortunately, I feel a lot better after my nap, and it was nice to just be able to take it easy this morning when I needed to. I'm especially grateful for this week to myself because I wasn't able to enjoy it last summer. That week when the kids were gone was the same week that my Lyme symptoms hit hard (and before I started treatment), so I remember spending that week last summer flat on my back. This is much nicer.

So, I'm trying to catch up on some things and even plan to attempt to clean off my office desk (which looks no better than that awful picture I posted back in January!). Meanwhile, Ken and I are enjoying eating foods the kids won't touch - yesterday's meals included olives, mushrooms, and blue cheese - and watching movies and just enjoying some quiet time together. Hope you're having a good week, too!

P.S. Thanks for all the nice comments last week about my 30-day crash-free milestone - I was really touched by all the congratulations! Still going strong...


Renee said...

Enjoy your solitude, fun foods and time with your hubby. How special is that!

Shelli said...

It sounds heavenly! With six kids, whenever I find myself alone, I like to turn off all TVs, stereos, electronics, and enjoy the quiet. I always appreciate them more when we've been separated for a bit. Enjoy!