Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Summer Living

Now that we're home from vacation, we're getting into the summer routine (or lack thereof!).  I still have 500 unread e-mails (slow progress) and piles of vacation stuff are still stacked around the house, but the laundry is all done, the mail is all sorted, and the to-do list is back in action.

Although I miss the quiet mornings all to myself, it's very nice not having to get up at 7 am and not worrying about school events, soccer, and homework in the evenings.  In fact, relaxed evenings are probably my favorite part of summer - no schedule, no stress.  I have been staying up too late, though, and am pretty tired today.  I can't seem to sleep in very much no matter how late I go to sleep.

The boys are having a blast this week.  I've been letting them go a little crazy and do everything they want because tomorrow Jamie and I see the Lyme doctor.  Jamie will probably start treatment tomorrow (we'll find out the details at the appointment - all we know for sure right now is that he tested positive for multiple tick-borne infections), and there's a good chance he'll go through a period of feeling much worse (herx reaction) before he gets better.  Since that makes the rest of the summer kind of an unknown, I've been letting the boys pack in a lot of fun this week - they've had two sleep-overs, gone swimming, golfing, and been with friends pretty much all the time!  It's a little harder on me (banana-chocolate chip pancakes for 4 boys this morning!), but I'm worried about what's in store for Jamie.  Hopefully, he won't react too badly.  I'll let you know what we find out tomorrow.

Hope you're enjoying summer so far!


VeeVee "Vicki" B. said...

good luck for tomorrow x

Renee said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers for tomorrow and the coming days....Does your doctor suggest anything for detoxing the dead toxins? Joel can do an infared sauna...I cannot but it helps him alot...PLUS a nutramedix product called parsley detox. I now use Burbur detox from that company. It helps take teh edge off the neuropathy. I have been reading that detoxing is as important ast the die off.....Still trying to do more with that and my NAET practitioner is helping me with treatements.
Anyway, just some suggestions...not advice ;)
Glad your trip was so much fun...
Lifting you up....

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks, Renee -

I appreciate the suggestions very much!! I don't know of any ways to "detox" - I guess you're talking about reducing the herx effect, right? I just waited it out for myself, but I did plan to ask the doctor tomorrow what we can do to help Jamie if he herxes badly - I'll ask him about the things you've mentioned. He (the doc) likes to use natural products when possible.

Thank you!!


parentingadabsurdum said...

Welcome back :). Vacations with children... the word "Vacation" is never really the same again, is it??

Dusty Bogwrangler said...

I've lost the knack of sleeping in too. I miss a luxurious lie-in.

I hope it all goes well for you tomorrow. A bit of a double-edged sword knowing what's ahead for Jamie, but you're amazing the way you look after them AND manage your own condition.

Sue Jackson said...

Peryl -

Ah, just wait until your kids are a little older and independent - when they can actually HELP with the work instead of cause more of it! The four of us really enjoy our vacations together and find them very relaxing. Now, ask me about "vacations" with my extended family...aka oblications!

Jo -
Yes, Jamie, Craig, and I all seem to have that wake-at-first-light curse that sometimes comes with CFS. All 3 of us have room-darkening shades and curtains but they only help a little. Ken calls our bedroom "the cave"!