Friday, November 01, 2013

Still Down and Out

I had all sorts of plans for informative posts this week but have had another looooong week of being crashed and feeling awful every day.

I did have a few good days last week but otherwise have been down and out for almost a month now. No idea what's up this week but the immune symptoms are through the roof (sore throat, horrible flu-like aches) even with my Imunovir.

So, just wanted to stop in quickly to let you know I am still here...and still not up to much writing.

I am getting frustrated by the lack of progress and the fact that I have no idea why I'm crashed now. At least the past few weeks I knew I'd been exposed to a virus and developed bronchitis.

Also frustrated because I keep making plans and then having to cancel them.

Can I have a brief whine?  I want to take a walk! I want to go to the store when I need to! I want to make weekend plans with my husband! I want to have fun with my kids! I want to go out with my friends!

OK, I feel a little I'm taking a cup of herbal tea and going back to bed to read. This is the first time in YEARS that I just stayed in my pajamas this morning - couldn't face a shower or getting dressed. Hopefully, I will perk up soon and get back to my usual routine.


upnorth said...

Hope you improve soon Sue, and yes, sometimes it helps to whine a little. Hang in there.

Jennie said...

Be patient with yourself, Sue. Rest and feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Having a nearly identical cycle myself, I'm in week 3!

Anonymous said...

best wishes

Unknown said...

Hoping that knowing others are thinking of you and praying for you brightens your spirits today.

Anonymous said...

It will get take that shower...I felt great when I waited for days when I had energy cause my hait needed the oils...and hats help if you do get out...Glad you vented...annie