Friday, July 25, 2014

Celebrities with ME/CFS

Erica Verrillo, a wonderful journalist with ME/CFS who writes about our illness, has written a new article for ProHealth called 10 Celebrities with ME/CFS. I found it interesting because I only knew about a few of them.

Of course, everyone knows about Laura Hillenbrand, the award-winning author of Seasbiscuit and Unbroken who is housebound by ME/CFS. I knew about Blake Edwards, the famous Hollywood writer and director, and our family has long hailed Michelle Akers, an extraordinary professional soccer player until ME/CFS ended her career, as our own personal hero. But there are many more on this list whom I had no idea had ME/CFS.

Interestingly, it also appears that a few of them have recovered, which is hopeful in itself. I just wish the general public knew more about these celebrities and their/our illness. We need a famous face to help build awareness - our very own Michael J. Fox. I posted this article to my personal Facebook page to help build awareness among my friends and family. It's a small step...

Did you know about these celebrities' struggles with ME/CFS? Do you know of any others not on this list? Help spread the word!

(And a big thanks to Erica Verrillo for what must have been a lot of extensive research!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. Im on highdose docyklin right now (400mg) for lyme. Unfortnatly its very sunny right now and i got rashes and some discoloration on my hands. Im a Little bit worried that this rash/ezcema will be a problem. It seems like am rather sensitiv right now. I know its UVA that causes it and it can get through windows as well. Is this something than may need a change in antibiotics do you Think? I will talk to my doctor but his on vacation right now.

Sue Jackson said...

Yes, doxycycline is well known for causing extreme sun sensitivity. Many Lyme doctors switch their patients to other abx in summertime. I have found only mild sensitivity at 200 mg a day (and as you described at 400 mg a day), so decreasing dose is another option, especially while you wait to talk to your doctor.

Also, if you are on doxy at all, it;s critical to protect yourself from the sun - high SPF sunscreen all over plus sun protection clothing. I wear a big sunhat and a long-sleeve shirt, both made of sun protection fabric - they help a lot.