Monday, April 13, 2015

New ME/CFS Guide for Clinicians

Back in February, I wrote about the big news that ME/CFS had a proposed new name, SEID, and its first-ever diagnostic criteria in the U.S.

The IOM group that developed the criteria took that a step further and came up with a relatively brief and easy-to-use ME/CFS Guide for Clinicians. You can print the guide at that link (just 20 pages, total) and share it with your doctor (some of those pages are title, table of contents, members of the committee, etc. - the heart of the document is nicely summarized and includes easy-to-use charts and graphs). In fact, share it with every doctor you see! This straightforward, clear explanation of ME/CFS had the potential to make a huge difference where it counts: with the family doctors, nurses, and primary care physicians who are so often the first medical professionals that someone with ME/CFS encounters.

I've printed a copy to take to my own doctor when I see her on Friday. She already knows how to diagnose ME/CFS - she diagnosed me after a year of mystery illness that no other doctor could figure out. However, I am hoping she will share it with the other doctors and nurse practitioner in her practice.

So, print a copy now and help to spread the word!

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