Monday, June 22, 2015

Movie Monday 6/22

We had a very quiet weekend here, just my husband and I most of the time. We enjoyed a movie Saturday night on DVD:

Arthur Newman is about one of the oddest road trips you will ever see! Wallace Avery, played by Colin Firth, has hit bottom. He's divorced, his teen son wants nothing to do with him, and now he's lost his job. Even his girlfriend seems to barely tolerate him. So, he does what anyone would do - he gets himself a new identity and leaves town to start a new life. On his first night on the road, he meets a woman who's been arrested for stealing a car and has overdosed on something. Mike, played by Emily Blunt, seems to be very different from Wallace (now Arthur), but they begin to travel together and gradually come to realize they have a lot in common. They go on a wild rampage together, on their way to Arthur's job interview. It's a warm, funny movie that starts out sad but is ultimately hopeful and optimistic. We both enjoyed it very much.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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