Friday, April 08, 2016

Research Working Toward ME/CFS Diagnostic Test

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Last month, Griffith University in Australia created a stir in the ME/CFS community with this headline, "Screening Test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on its Way" (you can read the article at the link).

While that headline was perhaps a bit premature, the news is still good. Griffith says that it "has identified new markers that can be used to screen patients and is now looking to partner with diagnostic companies to bring a test to market." The article doesn't go into detail on exactly what those markers are.

Digging deeper, this page lists several relevant studies on biomarkers for ME/CFS that have been researched, with papers published, by Griffith's National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases. These studies have looked at a wide variety of biomarkers in ME/CFS over the past four years - some impressive work that I didn't even know was going on!

The university says they are looking for a commercial partner to help bring a diagnostic test to the maybe it isn't very far down the road. A diagnostic test for ME/CFS would be a game-changer for the patient community, with the CDC estimating that roughly 85% of those with ME/CFS in the U.S. are currently undiagnosed. Faster, more accurate diagnosis would lead to more timely treatments that could perhaps help more in the early stages of the illness.

Good news...and hopefully, a brighter future ahead for ME/CFS patients!

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