Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Article: What Do You Do When a Loved One Becomes Chronically Ill?

I have a new article published on the website thirdAGE (the site's tagline is Healthy Living for Women and Their Families) called:

What Do You Do When a Loved One Becomes Chronically Ill?

This is one to share with your family and friends!!

In addition to basing it on my own experiences (15 years of chronic illness, with a wide range of responses from family & friends!), I also polled the parents in our Facebook group for parents of sick kids - and they had LOTS of input! (NOTE: If you request to join the Parents' group, please check your Facebook messages - that's how we confirm and check on potential members).

The article is organized by Do's and Don'ts, and the editors let me write a longer piece than they originally asked for so that I was able to include a lot of information.

I hope you find this helpful for your own friends and family members.

What is the most important thing you wish YOUR loved ones knew about how to help you?


Kristine said...

Congrats on the publication Sue! Great list of advice for those finding themselves in the new position of having to support a chronically ill loved one. It's so wonderful this information is available now. Speaking as one of the chronically ill, our relationships become one of the most difficult things to deal with in the long run...this helps :) #smallvictoriessundaylinkup

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks, Kristine! You are right - relationships with our healthy friends & family can be very challenging. I hope this article will help!

Anonymous said...

Great article, Sue - thanks for sharing with #smallvictoriessundaylinkup. Will share this on my chronic illness facebook page, Claire x

Sue Jackson said...

Glad you found it helpful! Thanks for the share :)