Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Favorite TV Shows Reviewed in 2019

It's time for my annual wrap-ups, starting with TV shows. Listed down at the bottom of this post are all of the shows that I reviewed here on my blog in 2019 (some new shows, some continuing favorites for us). TV shows here includes both those on network TV, cable, and On Demand, as well as on the major streaming services (and many shows are available on the network websites, too). I have also added all of these to my TV Reviews tab on the blog, so you can come back anytime to see ALL of the shows I have ever reviewed here. I only review shows I enjoy, so anything listed here or on the TV Reviews tab is worth trying.

Best of TV
First a few superlatives - my favorite shows reviewed last year in each category/genre - always tough choices to make because TV shows are just getting better and better (and more and more!). Some of these I almost made two-way or three-way ties, but I stuck to the rules. Remember that we enjoyed all of the shows reviewed - see the full list at the bottom of the post.

Best Comedy
The Other Two (A, C, I) - Comedy Central
(not only very funny but also clever, smart, and an insightful look at today's world)

Best Drama
Unbelievable (N) - Netflix
(powerful true story with excellent writing and acting)

Best Dramedy
 The Rookie (A, C, I) - ABC
(one of our favorites, now in season 2 - action, drama, suspense, and a sense of humor)

Imposters (C, N) - Bravo 
(suspenseful, funny, great cast, though this category was a tough call, and In the Dark and Dead to Me were both very close seconds!)

Best Sci Fi
Hanna (A) - Amazon
(we were glued to our TV for this one! Twisty, suspenseful, excellent cast - can't wait for season 2!)

All TV Shows Reviewed in 2019

So much good TV last year, though it's depressing how many great new shows we enjoyed have already been cancelled! That's the flip side of having so many choices.

KEY: Available on:
A = Amazon Prime
C = Cable and/or Cable On Demand
H = Hulu
I = On network’s own website
N = Netflix
S = Showtime

(Offerings from subscription services change all the time, so double-check. Also, some shows are available for an additional fee on Amazon Prime whether you subscribe or not. Most networks offer some episodes of every show for free at their own websites.)

The Other Two (A, C, I) - Comedy Central
Weeds (A, N, S) - Showtime

Good Trouble (A, C, I) - Freeform
Unbelievable (N) - Netflix

Dramedy (both comedy and drama)
The Rookie (A, C, I) - ABC

Dead to Me (N) - Netflix
The Enemy Within (A, C, H, I) - NBC
The Fix (A, C, H, I) - ABC
Imposters (C, N) - Bravo
In the Dark (A, C, I, N) - CW
Proven Innocent (A, C, H, I) - Fox
Stumptown (A, C, I) - ABC
The Widow (A) - Amazon

Sci Fi
Hanna (A) - Amazon
Manifest (A, C, H, I) - NBC
The Passage (A, C, I) - Fox

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