Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Interview with Rachel of Chronic Fatigue Sanity Blog

Hi, all! Trying to catch up a bit, as promised this weekend, though I am still quite worn out.

Back in May, I enjoyed a wonderful discussion with Rachel of the Chronic Fatigue Sanity blog. We only knew each other from our blogs and Twitter (Rachel's profile), where we often comment on each other's Tweets, so it was an absolute delight to meet her "in person" via Skype! She had asked to interview me after reading my book, Finding a New Normal: Living Your Best Life with Chronic Illness.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our time together and agreed to stay in touch. We talked about my background, illness history of me and my family, tips for coping with chronic illness, and other topics from my book.

I can't imbed the video here (way beyond my meager technical abilities!), but you can watch the video at this link, and here is a still shot of the two of us from the beginning.

Hope you enjoy watching the interview/discussion as much as we enjoyed having it! It is always so comforting and supportive to "meet" and/or listen to someone else who shares your own experiences. Now you can "meet" both of us!

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