Sunday, June 27, 2021

Weekly Inspiration: Debunking Everything Happens for a Reason

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted a Weekly Inspiration post (or any post these past two weeks!). I was in rough shape for about a week after my second COVID vaccine (24 hours of terrible crash followed by a week of low-energy, run-down feeling). But, I am back to my normal baseline now, able to grocery shop, walk, or work in the garden a bit without crashing after. 

Today's inspiration comes from a familiar source: the Everything Happens podcast with Kate Bowler. Kate is a wife, mother, and minister living with incurable cancer, and I have lauded her wonderful podcast before, as well as her outstanding TED Talk. If you missed those earlier posts, check them out. Her message sounds as if it has been written just for us, and she is honest, authentic, funny, and moving--and her podcast guests are, too.


But, I felt compelled to share Kate's podcast again today because her latest episode touched me so deeply this week. It's called Debunking "Everything Happens for a Reason" with Kelly Corrigan. You may know Kelly from her best-selling memoirs, about grief, losing her dad, and dealing with cancer. Tough topics, yes, but Kelly has a great sense of humor. This conversation between the two friends, Kate and Kelly, made me both laugh and cry (happy tears of recognition):

These two women speak our language, even though their experiences are a bit different than most of us with ME/CFS. It's still the same life lessons, the same experiences with people who don't understand, and the same inspiration.

I hope you find this joint podcast episode just as inspiring and powerful as I did!


Cassie Creley said...

Thank you for the recommendation! I’ve been listening to more podcasts lately and have been hoping to add some new ones to my list. Looking forward to checking this one out!

Sue Jackson said...

Hope you enjoy it, Cassie!

Everything Happens is a long-time favorite, and now I want to listen to Kelly Corrigan's podcast, too (and her books!).


Unknown said...

So much was said in this podcast that has been long needed in this day and age, such as "the burden of positivity" and "toxic positivity". These too women are remarkable. Thanks for clueing us in.

Sue Jackson said...

Yes!! Didn't you just agree with almost everything they said? I loved this podcast and Kate Bowler, and this was one of my very favorite episodes. Glad you found it helpful and enjoyable, too.