Thursday, July 15, 2021

Nominated for Awards - Please Endorse Me!

Hi, all!

Just a quick stop by the blog to share some wonderful news with you:

I've been nominated in the 10th Annual WEGO Health Awards for a Healthcare Collaborator award! This is in recognition of my 14 years of work in writing this blog, sharing information on social media, starting and participating in support groups, and advocacy efforts.

It's my 3rd nomination for a WEGO Health award in the last 10 years, and I am honored.

Now I need your help to become a finalist!

Just take a moment to endorse me at this link. The website is a bit wonky and not all that clear, but just click on Endorse This Patient Leader, under the award name. A box will pop up saying "Healthcare Collaborator" that looks grayed out, but just click on it to endorse me. Super easy and only takes a few moments.

Thank you for your endorsement ... and for many years of interacting on the blog, on social media, and in real life to help build a supportive patient community for all of us!

UPDATE ON JULY 17: Wow, I have now been nominated for 4 WEGO Health awards:

  • Healthcare Collaborator
  • Patient Leader Hero
  • Best in Show: Blog
  • Advocating for Another
I am honored and very touched by the endorsements and comments left by people. Thank you for your support. If you already endorsed me, thank you and please consider clicking the link again to endorse me for the other 3 awards, and if you haven't visited the WEGO awards yet, please consider endorsing me for whichever awards you like, if you have gained any value from my work on this blog, in groups, on social media, and in advocacy. THANK YOU!!


InvisiblyMe said...

Congratulations fellow Wego nominee! Endorsing you for them now :)
Caz xx

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks, Caz! And thanks for the endorsements, too!! Leave me your link and I will endorse you, too :)