Sunday, March 06, 2022

Weekly Inspiration: Let's Get to Know Each Other!

A year ago, I started my YouTube channel, and since then, I have posted 86 videos, with 16 of them being directly about living with chronic illness (the rest are about books and reading). But, it occurred to me that I only talk about chronic illness and books (and same for other YouTubers in both the chronic illness and book worlds) and that it would be fun to get to know each better!

So, I started my own original tag, All About Me (a YouTube tag video provides questions or another framework for people to share their own answers). The idea is to tell my viewers/readers more about myself, beyond the details of my chronic illness or my reading habits. And I am hoping that others will also do the same, so I can learn more about the YouTubers, bloggers, and other patients whose videos, blogs, and comments I enjoy.

Especially in the chronic illness community, the connections I have made online have greatly enriched my life and provided comfort and support when it feels like no one else "gets it."

At its heart, it comes down to this:

We are more than our illnesses.

We are all complex, interesting people! Here's my All About Me video - click the link to watch it on YouTube or you can watch it below.

And, now it's YOUR turn! I'd love to learn more about you, too! Make your own All About Me video or blog post (the questions are listed in the notes below the video on YouTube) or just share something about yourself in the comments below or on my blog's Facebook page or in the wonderful chronic illness Twitter community (I will post this to my own Twitter feed.)

Let's get to know each other better!

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