Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Great New Chronic Illness Podcast!

It seems I didn't post anything new here last week. Life's been super-hectic! I had four trips in three weeks, and now I'm scrambling to catch up on everything I got behind on while traveling. The good news is that I am finally fully recovered from the COVID I got in early January and will write more about that next week. 


This week, I am fully immersed in getting ready for my annual Big Book Summer Challenge on my book blog, which kicks off this Friday! Everyone is welcome to participate in this easy-going event (even if it's Big Book Winter where you are!). You set your own goals to read one or two or however many Big Books you want between the end of May and beginning of September (audios count, too!). And a Big Book is any book with 400 or more pages. This is the 10th anniversary, so I have some special things planned. The details will be posted on my book blog and on my YouTube channel this Friday, so check it out and join the fun! It's a great way to add some joy to summer when you can't manage big vacations or other special events. Everyone enjoys chatting online about what they're reading and hearing about great books from each other.

And Big Book Summer and I are featured on the latest episode of the Book Cougars podcast! We also talked about my book and this blog.


While I'm tied up with that, I thought I'd quickly share a great new chronic illness podcast that just debuted. It's called Sick Lessons and is hosted by Sheryl of the A Chronic Voice blog. Sheryl and her blog have been an active, essential part of the chronic illness community online for years, so I was so excited to hear about her new podcast venture!

In her first episode of Sick Lessons, Sheryl interviews another wonderful blogger, Julie Holiday of the ME/CFS Holistic Coach blog (formerly ME/CFS Self-Help Guru). Julie is fabulous, with some great ideas on her blog and in her coaching for living a more peaceful, satisfying life with chronic illness. And she used to work as my editor for the ProHealth website, so I have worked closely with her and have a great amount of respect for her. You can watch that first episode of Sick Lessons here:

In it, Sheryl talks to Julie about her illness journey, acceptance, healing, and more. It's a great interview and very relatable and inspiring.

Sheryl also asked me to sign up for an interview for her new podcast, but I don't know if we'll be able to work that out. She's in Singapore, and I'm on the U.S. East Coast, so I am sound asleep during all of her interview slots! We'll see if we can work something out. In the meantime, check out both blogs and this first podcast episode - you'll find lots of inspiration in all three spots!


Kathy said...

I enjoyed this conversation with you two!!

Sue Jackson said...

A good one, right? Two of my favorite bloggers chatting together! Glad you enjoyed it, too.