Tuesday, October 17, 2023

TV Tuesday: Who Is Erin Carter?

My husband and I recently watched the Netflix limited series Who Is Erin Carter? This fast-paced, suspenseful thriller has a unique premise and kept us rapt for its seven intense episodes.

Erin Carter, played by Evan Ahmad, is a British teacher working in Spain and living with her daughter, Harper (played by Indica Watson), and her husband, Jordi (played by Sean Teale). They seem to be an ordinary, happy family until one day, armed robbers attack a supermarket while Erin and Harper are shopping. Erin displays some unusual skills for a wife/mom/teacher to help thwart the robbers, but one of them recognizes her. Her heroism at the grocery store--and the attention it brings--sets off a chain reaction of events that put Erin and her family in great danger. She gets dragged into helping their next-door neighbor, Emilio (played by Pep Ambros), who is a police officer and her husband's friend, with some nasty criminals. In each episode, things get more dangerous, and Erin shows more unusual aptitudes. It is clear she is a survivor and will stop at nothing to protect her family, but where did she learn all of these things? Who is Erin Carter?

The action begins in that first episode and continues at a breakneck pace here, with Erin getting involved deeper and deeper in the local criminal world, against her will, while trying to protect her family. There is ample suspense, as the mysteries surrounding Erin grow, plus figuring out what Emilio is involved in. We are not usually bingers, typically watching two episodes of TV each evening, of two different shows (old-school), but there were times when we finished an episode of this show and immediately watched another because the tension and stakes were so high. The truth of who Erin is and where she comes from was revealed about halfway through, but there was still plenty of suspense as Erin's past intrudes on her present-day life. We were both thoroughly entertained by this original, nail-biting thriller.

Who Is Erin Carter? is a Netflix original so is only available on Netflix.

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