Thursday, April 18, 2024

Spring Camping Vacation Vlog

The blog has been quiet because we were on vacation last week! I not only had no internet; we didn't even have cell service much of the time! We were truly off-the-grid, and it was very relaxing. I put together a travel vlog, loaded with videos and photos of camping, hiking, kayaking, reading, and lots of relaxing! Plus lots of great footage of peaceful nature scenes, to help YOU enjoy the restorative effects of nature, too.

We drove with our pop-up camper down to Virginia (about a day's drive south, so perfect for April) and visited two beautiful state parks there: Holliday lake State Park and Fairy Stone State Park. On our way back, we spent the weekend on Smith Mountain Lake with my college suitemate and her husband (also a college friend) and really enjoyed both the gorgeous setting and the company. Nothing like old friends!

You can watch the vlog on YouTube or I''l insert it below - be sure to turn up your volume to enjoy the sounds of birdsong, bubbling streams, and trees swaying in the wind:

As you can see, I am still feeling really great! As long as I get my 9 hours of sleep a night and my afternoon nap, I can be quite active during the day (9000 steps one day on this trip - a new personal record!). And I have still not crashed even once since the beginning of the year. For details on why,  check out my 2023 Year in Review post (scroll down to "What Helped").

Vacationing this way--in our little camper, our home away from home, on our own schedule--allows me to relax and enjoy a getaway.

Are you able to travel at all or enjoy a vacation?

What helps you?

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