Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CFS Awareness Bracelets

I recently read an article about a mother and daughter who have started a business making jewelry, including awareness bracelets for CFS and other illnesses. I went to their Girlie Girls Jewelry Studio website and was so impressed!

This is my personal favorite of the two CFS awareness bracelets they show. I've already told Ken I want one for Christmas! They chose stones based on traditional healing properties, and part of the price goes to the CFIDS Association of America to support CFIDS research. My boys love these, too; I've already e-mailed the Girlie Girls to request a male version (sans flowered beads).

Check out their website which also includes bracelets for breast cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and more, plus some other beautiful jewelry designs. Get a head start on your holiday shopping, support CFIDS research and awareness, and pass the word along!

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