Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fun, Fun, Fun!

We did it! We made it through another Halloween with everybody feeling well and able to go trick-or-treating. Holidays are so tough with CFIDS - all that fun and excitement can make you so sick. It's always a happy relief to come through one successfully. I went along for a bit of trick-or-treating at the houses near ours, then Ken took over and escorted the kids (our two boys, plus three friends) to the rest of the houses in our neighborhood. There's nothing like the thrill of Halloween night - dressed up in costumes, with your best friends, running from one house to the next, collecting candy. My boys just love it (and we do, too!), and I'm so glad they were able to enjoy it. I was prepared for crashes the next morning, but - surprise! - they both weathered the exertion OK. Maybe the Florinef is already starting to work for Craig. I felt pretty rotten yesterday morning, but a 2-hour nap and a shower revived me.

And now, all of a sudden, it's November, and the rest of the holiday season is upon us. Yikes! Time to start thinking about gifts and travel and cards and whew... Hopefully, the boys' good health will continue for the next couple of months.

Here we are on Halloween night. We decided to re-use our togas from Jamie's Greco-Roman Night school function last spring. Jamie, being in middle school now, went for the Ancient Greek-Zombie combo, and Craig chose to be a knight. Now we have huge bags of candy all over the house - tasty but dangerous!

P.S. CFIDS will be covered on the NBC Nightly News tonight and on the Fox morning show tomorrow for the kick-off of the big CFIDS Awareness Campaign in the U.S. Another CFS blogger will be interviewed on the shows - - be sure to tune in!

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