Friday, November 03, 2006

A Big Day for CFIDS!

We are so excited here about the huge CFS publicity campaign that's being kicked off this morning! It looks like CFIDS will finally get the attention it deserves in the media, leading hopefully to a more informed public and better-funded research.

At the CDC's press conference this morning, they'll be announcing the NIH's seven new grants for CFS research studies. They all look like solid, useful scientific studies. Hooray!

The media coverage began last night in a big way with an excellent story on CFS on the NBC Nightly News featuring Jennie Spotilla, a fellow CFS blogger. Jennie's interview was awesome, and the whole story was well-done and accurate (a miracle considering past media coverage of CFS). CBS Evening News says they may run a story on CFS tonight, too.

Once the press conference is finished this morning and a story goes out on the wire, expect to see articles in newspapers and magazines across the nation. US News and World Report will run a CFS story in their Monday, November 6 issue. Other magazines have expressed an interest in covering CFS soon, including Glamour, Woman's Day, More, Shape, Self, Prevention, and First for Women.

So, tune in, keep your eyes open, and celebrate this long-overdue attention! Then go to the CFIDS Association's Action Center to send letters of support (it only takes a few minutes).



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I am a fellow sufferer of CFS and an online friend of Jennie's. I live in the UK and I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see any of her interviews but I got to see that one! Thanks for linking to it.

Mary Anne said...

yes I am excited by this campaign also. Just rec'd an email from the CFIDS Assoc. with info. Maybe, just maybe, CFS will gain some recognition and respect.
ps: I hope you as coping as well as can be.

Knittah said...

Glad you liked it! And I hope you caught the story on Philly's CBS news on Friday night. I found it on their website, so check it out (I'm not in it).