Tuesday, April 27, 2010

XMRV Update

I've been meaning to post an update on the XMRV/CFS research but just haven't had the time to sort through everything (you're probably sick of hearing this, but I still haven't gotten through those hundreds of unread e-mails from my vacation two weeks ago!).
So, I was thrilled when, once again, Cort Johnson over at Phoenix Rising posted an excellent, thorough summary of all the latest XMRV news at his blog, Bringing the Heat.

Go on over and take a look - Cort has a real talent for distilling lots of complicated information into an understandable explanation.  Bottom line is this:
  • The negative replication studies in Europe have had a very bad effect on further funding for research into XMRV's role in CFS.
  • There are several possible explanations for  the negative results in the European studies, and WPI and the original study's authors still feel confident that XMRV is an important factor in CFS.
  • In one negative study (the Dutch one, I think), its authors actually traded samples with WPI and WPI did find XMRV in 3 samples (two from CFS patients and one from a healthy control), but the study's authors went ahead and published their results without even mentioning WPI's contrasting results.
Those are just a few important points.  Read Cort's summary and/or check out the news on WPI's website (several of the documents Cort references are available in full here) for details.  Lots more research is needed - as always with CFS, the lack of funding is limiting what can be done.  Consider donating to WPI or the CFIDS Association, if you are able to.


  1. Thanks for this update from one who finds it difficult to distil the import from all the detail. It's not great news is it.

  2. Jo -

    I've been struggling with that myself lately, so i really appreciated Cort doing the hard work! (he has CFS too).

    I think it's not bad news scientifically, but as usual, it looks bad politically. We have a CFSAC meeting coking up here (that's the only gov't advisory group involved with CFS), so I'm hoping that will help.


  3. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the update and for making it understandable. I'll have to head to his site soon to get the full story.

    Hope you're doing well and the allergies have settled.

  4. Thanks for this info, Sue. Having it simplifed helps me greatly. It is sad isn't it how political our illnesses are...I am always amazed. This week Conn. also ruled against changing any treatment guidelines for Lyme still stating that long term antibiotics are detrimental and don't help..and still going after doctors who treat there patients. The fact that patients get better is not used as a valid reason. Between the Lyme and CFS/ME I wonder what other medical conditions are manipulated and/or ignored by "those in power". MS was one thought to be completey psychological....sad sad..

  5. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Thanks Sue! Phoenix Rising is a great place... but there is so much there! Quite a lot about WPI and XMRV. It's like Facebook for the CFS community. I always like to come back here to this comfy small blog community, though! :D



  6. Thanks for the good info. I just got a positive XMRV test from VIPdx. Have you got your results back yet?

  7. Hi, Luke -

    I haven't been tested for XMRV yet, though my 15-year old son was, as part of the University of Illinois study we signed up for. He's in the study, and they drew blood last month, but I haven't been called yet.

    Thanks for reminding me, though - I need to call and see if we can find out his results.

    As for me, unless I have it done as part of the study, I figure I might as well wait until there's something to be done with the results.


  8. aidan walsh9:04 PM

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