Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vacation Pictures!

I forgot to mention yesterday that I've posted pictures from our Louisiana road trip on our Road Trip Blog.  Check it out if you're interested.  Scroll down to the April 1 post to read/view them in order.

My allergies have finally improved a bit - most of the trees here are now past their blooming stage (gorgeous flowering trees in Delaware but lots of pollen!), but I'm feeling crummy for a different reason.  In a case of very bad timing, it was time this week for me to go off the pill (I take a 90-day pill to keep my hormone levels steady) and get my period.  It always makes all my CFS symptoms flare-up, so I'm back on the couch with sore throat and aches, plus massive headaches every afternoon and evening.  Ugh - hormone hell.  At least I know it will pass in a few days.  Hope you enjoy the photos!


Anonymous said...

Sue ~

Great to see your vacation photos. Beautiful scenery, beautiful family. I also think it's awesome that even with CFIDS there is much we can still do, no matter how crummy we feel.

Hormone hell is no fun. A year ago I had a uterine cyst removed (benign), and had an ablation. I've been virtually period-free since then, but still ovulate and get PMS... only I have no way of knowing when the PMS is going to hit, so in that regard I miss having my periods. If that makes sense.

Hope you feel better soon.


Unknown said...

Sue, such great photos, thanks for sharing! I"m glad your allergies are calming down; now just relax for a week or two until the hormones calm down. I'll be thinking about you!

Kerry said...

Darn tootin hormones! Hope you are feeling your "normal soon" Sue.

What fun to see your photos...your family, nature (alligator even!) and oh New Orleans. The food pictures made my mouth water. It looks like a trip that has given the four of you wonderful forever memories...and the rest of us a goal to get to New Orleans.

Take good gentle care Sue... Kerry

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Everyone looks so happy.

I don't know how relevant it is to anyone else's situation, but when I stopped eating yeast raised bread, I noticed my periods got much lighter and shorter in length. I can't think of any other changes that I made that would have caused such a dramatic difference. I tried modafinil a few months ago and had a worse period that month (much worse), which was one of many negatives on modafinil for me.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my experience. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Dominique said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad that I don't have to deal with that anymore!

Please feel better soon! Sending you prayers, hugs and anything else I can think of to let you know you are being thought of today!


Dusty Bogwrangler said...

Yep, a thing of the past for me too thank goodness. It makes you feel dreadful. It's bad enough contending with all you have to deal with without being hormonally challenged as well! Poor you. Great pics by the way :-)