Monday, January 03, 2011

Movie Monday 1/3

First Monday of the new year!  It wasn't back to our normal routine for us today, though.  Ken was home sick today with a bad cold - sounds like we left the same cold in Oklahoma with his dad, unfortunately.  The boys and I don't show any signs of it, but we have these super virus-resistant immune systems!  Jamie's having a rough day, though.  He was up until 10:30 pm last night struggling to finish a huge load of homework and make-up work from before the break.  He had worked for about 14 hours straight yesterday...and he is normally in bed by 8 pm!  He's paying for that push tonight.  Hopefully, an early bedtime and a good night's sleep will get him back on course tonight.

We watched two movies after we got back from Oklahoma this weekend:
  • Prince of Persia, which Craig got for Christmas form my sister.  This is a unique twist - it's a movie based on a video game instead of the other way around!  It's a classic action flick, though the plot had more depth than I expected.  Lots of slow-mo sword fights and jumping off buildings, with some computer-generated backdrops - you could definitely see its video game roots - but it was also well-acted, especially by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley.
  • Ken and I watched Salt, a spy thriller starring Angelina Jolie.  She plays a CIA agent who is accused of being a double-agent for Russia.  It was very good, with lots of twists and turns that kept us guessing.  It was a very complex plot, and by the end, we still weren't 100% sure that we understood exactly what had happened and why!  But we liked it.
Have you seen any good movies lately?

(If you're interested in the books we're reading this week, check out my Monday post at my book blog.)


  1. I've had little TV time, but did manage to watch date night , which I loved. Nice to have some chuckles.

    Happy New Year! Hope it brings you all health aplenty. :)

  2. Well, not quite on the same level, but we recently watched Bruno...not for everyone but really, really funny in a kind of I want to look away but I can't way...

  3. I am amazed that you can watch such suspensful movies and not get adrenalized! I would not be able to sleep...ha... We watched Eat, Pray, Love on NY's Eve and then a movie that we did not like at all..."$5.00 A Day" depressing....dark....
    We will watch the final episode of The Closer for this season tonight. I do like that show...

  4. Oh cool. I'm so glad you commented on those. I want to see both and I wondered if they were any good. I'll have to Netflix them.

    We saw Inception over Christmas. Not something to watch during a brain fog. Great movie though. I already want to see it again even though I managed to follow most of the plot. I've heard some able brained people had trouble keeping track but this was the guy that did Memento so of course it is multilayered.

  5. @ NTE - Glad to hear you liked Date Night - I'll add it to our list.

    @ Peryl - I've heard all kinds of different takes on Bruno - not sure whether we'd like it or not!

    @ Renee - Neither of these were really suspenseful - I have trouble sleeping after those movies, too - I have chase dreams all night! I can't wait to see Eat, Pray, Love because I really liked the book.

    @ Baffled - Definitely want to see Inception, though it probably won't be until it is on DVD. We loved Memento - so cool but definitely hard to follow!

  6. Oh, I just got an e-mail from Redbox - Inception IS already out on DVD - that was fast!

  7. I was rather excited to come across your blog today, just by chance ;)

    I hope you will stop by and follow me back.


  8. Ya know. I'm wondering if Craig picked up the cold thing in OK. One of my friends has been sick with it for over 2 weeks and then dropped by for an hour (she didn't think she was sick anymore) and now I'm coming down with it. So...

    I'm glad you told us about SALT. I've been wanting to see it but wasn't sure it would be good or not. And the Prince of Persia is also on my list!