Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding a Doctor for ME/CFS

I was getting ready to e-mail this information to an online friend, and I realized I get asked these questions a lot and should just post it on my blog!

If you're looking for a doctor who understands ME/CFS and knows how to treat it, try these three online doctor databases:
Finding a doctor who "gets" ME/CFS is so important - it can make a huge difference in your treatment and level of functioning.

Another good approach is to ask other ME/CFS patients in your local area for recommendations.  If you don't know anyone in your local area, try to find a support group or organization.  Here is a list of resources from the CFIDS Association, and when you join the Association, they send you a customized list of support people and groups in your area.

Also, feel free to trade recommendations and suggestions here in the comment section.

Hope this helps!


Leanne said...


I nominated you for a blog award, to thank you for your great posts

Love Leanne

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'll get right to the point. Thanks for bringing up the need for finding a doctor for CFS. I live in Chicago. I can not find anyone who understands and will treat it. One recommended guy does not take insurance. For many of us, CFS has caused us to lose our jobs and go on disability. We must use Medicare.

I'm willing to drive a long way, including into Wisconsin. If anyone hears of a doctor who may not know much about CFS but is willing to help, please, e-mail me. Like many of you, I know enough about my illness to manage it, I just need a doctor to help me do that.