Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emergency Call for Female ME/CFS Patient in Indianapolis

Spent my day messing around with another computer problem - I can't send e-mails now!  Must be a side effect of rebuilding my system yesterday.  So, not much time for a post, but I wanted to pass this along from ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance:

We have a reporter who is doing story for metropolitan newspaper about the ad and the illness. She has already interviewed a nationally-known physician / researcher.

She is doing this for "Woman's Health" month. So she needs a woman and she needs someone local to Indianapolis.

Names will have to be used. She will ask about your personal experience with the illness. Please e-mail me asap if you are a patient and don't mind being interviewed for newspaper: editor@claynews.net

Spread the word, help us get this out.

Deadline looming. All she needs is 15 minutes on the phone.


If you can help, e-mail Tina directly at Tina Tidmore (I can receive e-mails but wouldn't be able to forward to her).  Thanks!

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