Friday, September 28, 2012

Respected and Beloved CFS Advocate Dies

I have written here before about Dr. Rich Van Konynenburg's Simplified Methylation Protocol.  This tireless researcher devoted years of his life to taking a complex treatment protocol and creating and testing a simplified version appropriate for people with ME/CFS.  He just recently updated the protocol once again, based on feedback from those who have tried it.

On Wednesday, this sad note was posted on a discussion group by Rich's wife:
"Rich died early this morning. It appears that he suffered a massive heart attack in his sleep. He did not have a history of heart disease, so this was sudden and quite unexpected. It doesn't seem possible to me that Rich is gone. I am at a loss to express how profoundly I will miss him (I already do!).

I am trying to figure out how to begin notifying everyone who will want to know. Please feel free to repost this message on any forum or group where people who interacted with Rich will want to know of his passing.

Diana Van Konynenburg"
My own son, Jamie, has been using parts of Rich's protocol to try to improve his overall level of functioning and ability to tolerate his Lyme treatment (with some success).  When I e-mailed questions about the protocol to Rich, whom I had never met, he answered my note - in great detail - and continued to advise us whenever I had questions.

For those interested in Rich's theories, this article on glutathione explains some of the basis behind his theories. 

The ME/CFS community has lost a great researcher and advocate.  May he rest in peace.


  1. This is so sad, I think he's the one who ran the co-cure site too if I'm correct? I think he my be a fellow Canadian (for some reason I thought we had the same specialist). He was such an intelligent man and truly wanted to share his protocols to help others.

  2. You have kinda inspired me. I am 17 and have CFS.