Monday, September 17, 2012

Movie Monday 9/17

Now that school has started and Ken and Craig have to get up so early (not me!), we don't have much time for movies, but Ken and I did watch one this weekend:
  • Crazy Stupid Love, starring Steve Carell and Julianne Moore as a married couple who are separated.  Emily (Moore) asks Cal (Carell) for a divorce in the opening scene, and he is crushed and lost without her.  He's also the quintessential dorky dad, until he meets Jacob, a young, cool guy, played by Ryan Gosling, who gives him a manly make-over.  Though Cal gamely tries to start over (and has some success with his womanizer lessons!), he still yearns to have his family and his old life back.  Meanwhile, his teen son is struggling with his own love problem - a crush on the babysitter.  It's a touching drama but also has lots of funny moments, as things get more complicated and the characters' lives entwine in unexpected ways.  A scene toward the end where it all comes to a head is hilarious!  We enjoyed this one, more than I expected.
Have you seen any good movies lately?

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Unknown said...

I haven't seen any movies lately that I actually remember the name of -- that tells you how good (or not good) they were. I'm going to look for Crazy Stupid Love - sounds cute!