Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Movie Tuesday 9/4

Whoa, a whole week slipped by without a post - and Movie Monday is now Movie Tuesday...almost Wednesday.  Sorry for the absence.

Jamie started college last week and Craig started high school, so I finally had the quiet solitude I've been desperately waiting for...and I was sick all week!  I went into a bad crash last Tuesday that lasted all week - no idea why, though some of us locally have been wondering whether it's our rotten weather.  So instead of writing and catching up like I'd planned, I was in bed reading.  It was so bad last week, with continued severe aches in my legs into the weekend, that I was starting to think I had Lyme again (or still).  Then we had houseguests all weekend!

But I was better yesterday and today and have my fingers crossed that it was just your basic unexplained, random CFS crash.  We will see.

Anyway, it's been really busy around here, but we did squeeze in a couple of older movies the past two weeks:
  • We watched Poltergeist with the kids before Jamie went off to college.  They loved the classic ghost story - it really held up despite its age.  And though Ken and I both saw it back in the 80's, we enjoyed watching it again...and seeing how young Craig T. Nelson was!  Lots of spooky, heart-pounding suspense.  As Carol Ann famously says in the movie, "They're heeere!"
  • This weekend, with my Dad and his wife visiting and Jamie home from school, we watched Men in Black II.  Like the first movie, it was just a fun bit of escapism - silly alien plots, lots of action, and plenty of laughs with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
Have you seen any good movies lately?


Renee said...

Glad you are improving again Sue. Joel and I watched two movies this past week...unusual for us but nice. A Little Bit of Heaven and Joyful Noise. The first was sad...but good...and the second was a bit simplistic plot wise, but the music had us both up and dancing...

Sue Jackson said...

Both sound good for me to watch while Ken is away, Renee!


Bloomin'Chick Jo said...

I do believe the weather has been playing a part in my recent flare-ups, the humidity specifically. I had an awful migraine flare-up in August and spent much of the month in bed trying to sleep them off. I am 6 days migraine free until yesterday when I got a short-lived one that was definitely weather related. (The others were a big combo of things, the stresses of this year catching up with me along with the weather and food sensitivities - hopefully not medication related though!)

Most recent movies we've watched were The Odessa File (made in 1974) which was Fascinating and Grumpy Old Men. Our tastes are quite diverse! lol

Glad you're feeling better!

upnorth said...

Oh, sorry about your crash...no big surprise after such a busy summer. I managed to get a nasty cold and crashed hard afterwards.

Anonymous said...

How is Jamie doing?

Anonymous said...

we watched two DVD's back to back this weekend. Luckily I was facing the TV.