Monday, May 06, 2013

Movie Monday 5/6

Ahhh...a quiet and peaceful Monday. I needed that. My 15-year old son, Craig, was home sick all last week with a sinus infection that made his CFS flare-up, so it was a treat today to be home alone, without the TV constantly blaring. And, of course, I was glad he is feeling better!

Despite all the sick days last week, we didn't watch a lot of movies. I've almost given up on convincing my son to watch movies when he is sick. He's got a short span of attention and prefers TV shows - even if he's seen them a half dozen times before! So we watched lots of episodes of his favorite TV shows, including Community, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, and The Middle. Yes, he likes comedies!

We had a very busy Saturday. My mom and her husband were visiting from Connecticut, I had a book signing in the morning, then Craig had a soccer game in the afternoon. By 5 pm, he and I were both exhausted, so we came home with my husband, ordered pizza, and watched a movie we've all been wanting to see:

The Hobbit. Our oldest son saw it at a midnight showing the night it was released (now you know he is doing better!), but the rest of us missed it in the theater - I bet it was spectacular on the big screen. My son and husband especially enjoyed it, as they are both huge fans of Lord of the Rings (my son loves the movies, and my husband loves the books!). It is an epic fantasy, much like the LOTR trilogy movies, with stunning scenery shot in New Zealand, all kinds of fantastical creatures come to life, and gruesome battle scenes. Although it was a bit more action and violence than I usually like in movies, I did enjoy it. When I first met my husband 25 years ago, I'd never read any Tolkien, and he introduced me to The Hobbit, which we read aloud to each other when we were dating. So, I have great memories of the story and especially enjoyed seeing the scene in the cave with Gollum come to life ("What's he got in his pocketses?").  We are all looking forward to the next two movies!

Have you seen any good movies lately?

(If you are interested in what we are reading this week, check out the Monday post on my book blog.)

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