Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paleo Chocolate-Sunflower Butter-Banana Smoothie

Thought I'd post another recipe we made up for our Paleo/anti-candida diet. This has become a favorite at our house. My son especially loves these, and my husband and I eat them frequently, too. I sometimes have this for breakfast or for lunch. My son also likes them as a between-meal snack because our dietician told him to eat more frequently and not "starve his mitochondria" between meals.

A word on whey: I had read for many years that whey protein powder is good for people with ME/CFS because we have low glutathione levels, and whey helps to increase glutathione. However, I always assumed that I couldn't try that particular treatment because I am intolerant to dairy. When we started on our new diet in February, our dietician explained to us that most people who are dairy intolerant CAN tolerate whey. It is the part of the milk that is left after the curds are removed (remember Little Miss Muffet and her curds and whey?), and the curds contain most of the casein and lactose, which account for most dairy sensitivities. So, we tried it and found that both my son and I tolerate it with no negative effects.

Just be sure to read labels and choose the right kind of whey protein powder. Some contain all sorts of additives (including grains that should be avoided on paleo or anti-candida diets). This article on whey and glutathione explains what to look for.

So, this smoothie is not only delicious and nutritious but will also help to improve glutathione levels, which should help your mitochondria and energy production - what a package deal! And if you've been on a low-sugar diet, it tastes decadent, even though it isn't (NOTE: I have updated the recipe to make it even lower-sugar).

Chocolate-Sunflower Butter-Banana Smoothie
Makes 1 serving
We often double or triple the recipe for 2-3 people

1/2 - 1 banana, cut-up and frozen (only use a half if on low-sugar diet)
1/4 of an avocado
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 Tbl sunflower seed butter (or any nut butter)
2 Tbl cacao powder (this is the raw form of cocoa & full of antioxidants)
1-2 scoops plain undenatured whey protein powder (depends on the size of the scoop - about 31g)
1/2 tsp stevia (or 1 Tbl honey, if sugar isn't a problem for you)
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (or as much as needed for the desired thickness)
1 Tbl MCT oil (from coconut - good for energy & yeast)
3 ice cubes (not necessary if using frozen fruit)
1 tsp vanilla (optional)

Put all ingredients in a blender, and blend on high until smooth. Add more or less coconut milk to get the consistency the way you like it.

NOTE: If you are on a strict anti-candida diet and can't have banana, just leave it out and add more ice and/or avocado and blueberries for thickening. Frozen mango works well in a smoothie and is better for those with yeast overgrowth (though I wouldn't combine it with chocolate!)
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