Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Movie Monday 5/19

Yes, I am well aware that it is now Tuesday afternoon...yesterday was very frustrating, with over 400 e-mails in my inbox from the weekend. And I didn't want to miss Movie Monday completely because we finally watched a movie this weekend after months of sticking to TV shows.

My husband and I actually got to go out to dinner together twice this weekend (once alone and once with friends) - a rare event! So, a wild weekend in CFS terms, but by 8 pm, I was still wiped out, so we returned home and watched Gravity, a movie we've both wanted to see since it was released. It didn't disappoint. Our son says he's not interested in seeing it because it sounds boring, "like Deep Water only in space." He and his brother consider Deep Water the worst movie ever made, so that tells you what he thinks! He couldn't have been more wrong. Gravity is nonstop suspense from the beginning to the very last moment. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star as two astronauts on a NASA mission in space. Bullock is a doctor who is in space for the first time, and Clooney is the (handsome, charming) experienced astronaut. As the movie opens, everything is going well, they are chatting amiably with mission control in Houston, and it looks like the mission will be a success. Then, things begin to go wrong. Before long, they are the only two people left alive on their shuttle, and all communications with Houston have been cut off. And then more goes wrong. I recently heard this described as science fiction, but it's very realistic and is more of a survivor thriller. Perhaps the only technical aspect not actually available yet today (I think?) is the jet pack Clooney's character is testing that allows him to be out of the spacecraft and not tethered to it. Both actors do a great job in their roles, especially Bullock, and it is tense all the way through (so if suspense keeps you up at night, better to skip this one). We both enjoyed it very much.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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