Tuesday, October 17, 2017

TRIPLE Your ME/CFS Research Donation!

Starting today and running through Tuesday, November 28, the Open Medicine Foundation - one of the premier organizations conducting ground-breaking ME/CFS research - is taking the annual #GivingTuesday tradition (the day after Cyber Monday) and opening it up to a month and a half of chances to TRIPLE your donation.

The Cosgrove family, who have a family member with ME/CFS, have generously offered to match and triple every dollar donated to OMF during this month and a half, up to $100,000! Just think of what ME/CFS researchers can do with those extra resources!

For background, OMF is one of the organizations that sponsored the recent Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS  and has a large team of experts in a variety of fields conducting research into all aspects of ME/CFS.

Here are more details on this wonderful Triple Giving Tuesday opportunity, including ways to help spread the word, and you can donate on this page. They've already raised $4500, and the campaign just started today! With this triple matching gift, even just a few dollars can help to make a real difference.

You'll find more information on OMF on this page, and here are more details on their research under the umbrella of the End ME/CFS Project.

So, stop by the donation page today to triple your gift! I just did.

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