Friday, October 06, 2017

UNREST Documentary Coming to Theaters & iTunes

Jen Brea in the documentary UNREST
The highly anticipated ME/CFS documentary UNREST, created by Jen Brea, is now out in theaters and coming soon to more theaters as well as iTunes. Pre-ordering it on iTunes will help it to get even more attention and get featured in the iTunes Store.

Jen Brea is an ME/CFS patient who has worked tirelessly for years on this high-quality documentary about our plight. Her efforts have been supported by many ME/CFS patients (including me!), and her film has been highly anticipated.

This powerful film has already won a bunch of awards, including one at the Sundance Film Festival for documentaries. As it is being shown in cities around the world, it is getting even more attention and acclaim. It even has a grade of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 12 different reviews, which is very impressive!

There are at least three ways to see it:
  • Attend a screening
  • Host a screening in your town or city
  • Pre-order it on iTunes (available October 10)
You can get information on all of those at the link above. I just clicked the button to pre-order on iTunes! The price is $14.99.

Here's the trailer:

The other thing you can do to help build awareness of ME/CFS is to tell people about the documentary! When you click this link on the UNREST website, there is a pop-up page to help you spread the news. Jen's film is extraordinary and is already helping to bring much-needed attention to our long-ignored disease. Help to spread the word!

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