Thursday, September 03, 2009

School Daze

I had such high hopes for this week! Craig went back to school on Monday, and Jamie had two half-days, starting Wednesday. I planned to finally start catching up on all the writing work I didn't do during our busy summer. Instead, I'm crashed for the first time in almost 2 months - probably from the early mornings that I'm not used to.

The past two days have been especially bad - sore throat, heart palpitations from OI, the works. I've had to spend my days lying on the couch - it's been a long time since that has happened! Meanwhile, the e-mails continue to pile up, unanswered, the errands are still waiting, and I'm feeling a bit panicked over having no writing projects in the pipeline (i.e. no income).

At the same time, the start of school for parents of kids with CFS means a bunch of extra to-dos - e-mails to explain CFS to new teachers, setting up meetings with guidance counselors for 504 plans, plus trying to get the kids to bed early so they won't crash.

I know from past experience that there's nothing to do but rest and wait (and try not to stress about all the undone work).

The kids are managing OK. Craig loves middle school so far - he says the days go by much faster with all the different classes. Craig is typically an early riser, but even he has had trouble with the earlier wake-ups this week. It's great that Jamie has only had two half-days because he has to get up REALLY early. Next week will be tough for all of us!

Now we have a nice 4-day weekend ahead of us to pretend that it's still summer! We have a lot of fun stuff planned with friends, so I hope I recover soon. Enjoy the weekend!


Shelli said...

I always appreciate Labor Day weekend to give us a break from the stress of getting back to school! It seems to be just enough to catch your breath before settling in to the new schedule. I'm sorry to hear about your crash -- this time of year has done me in, too! Take care of yourself, and I hope it is short lived.


I'm sorry about the down-turn; just be sure you're not vulnerable to the Swine flu' on top of it...meaning that, be sure you don't mistake the symptoms somehow.

Maybe it would be good to check with your doctor just in case you're coming down with something other than a 'crash'. Too often we think because we go through this so many times, we can't mistake the symptoms, it's possible to do so.

Rest; get that nice music on, and maybe ask for some help with the errands and obligations.

The 'no income' worry can make anyone sick; overly stressed, and that might be aggravating the whole things right now.

Time to talk to your hubby and closest friends - get it off your mind if you can.

Take care - Diane

Renee said...

So sorry you are needing to bond with your sofa so much.. hope your weekend goes better! There are alot of us right now in crashes or relapses...maybe it is the moon :)

me/cfs warrior said...

I don't know how people with this illness who have kids manage the amount of work involved in getting everyone ready for the new year.

I'm sorry to hear you are in a crash.

I wonder if, in addition to the new school year, there is something about the time of year? Have you heard of that?

I'm reading of so many people, including myself who are in a bad crash-even those without kids.

I hope the crash moves through quickly...

Dusty Bogwrangler said...

Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water. . .

But two months without a crash - fantastic!

Pris said...

Yes, rest rest rest. I'm in the worst crash in a long time, too. So many of us are, I wonder, too, if there's something about this time of year. And I don't have kids and the school stuff that you do.