Monday, May 17, 2010

Movie Monday 5/17

Just got home - busy afternoon and evening!  Ken is off on a business trip, and the boys and I all got much-needed haircuts tonight, then grabbed some dinner out.  Time for sweats and TV!

I've been feeling much better the past few days (aside from a 24-hour allergy attack Saturday after a windy morning on the soccer field).  I'm finally getting caught up on stuff that's been piling up for months....just in time, because I was really feeling at the breaking point last week.  More on that later this week.  For now...

It's Movie Monday!  After two busy weekends, it was nice to have a quiet weekend to ourselves.  Well, not all that quiet, with soccer games and two birthday parties for the boys, but Ken and I got to watch movies Friday and Saturday, so that was nice:
  • Friday we watched one of my all-time favorite movies, Parenthood.  Ken and the boys got me the DVD for Mother's Day.  It's been years since I've seen it, but I still love it!  It's a hilarious and heartwarming movie about family, starring Steve Martin, Dianne West, Mary Steenburgen, and a very young Keanu Reeves.  It's directed by Ron Howard and, even after all these years, it still makes me laugh out loud and cry (happy tears, not sad!)  The new NBC TV show (also directed by Ron Howard) based on the movie is also great - they've captured that same mix of humor and drama.  It's on past my bedtime, but I've been watching it online while I eat lunch, and I'm totally hooked.
  • Saturday we watched The Informant, a release from last year starring Matt Damon, as Mark Whitacre, the highest-ranking corporate whistle-blower in US history.  The movie is based on a true story, and Matt Damon is great in the leading role as the cheerful, babbling Whitacre.  He goes to the FBI to report on price fixing in the food additive industry, confident that he will emerge as a hero.  Reluctant at first, he ends up really enjoying his role as secret agent, taping conversations with his boss and co-workers and amassing evidence for the FBI's case.  The movie is very funny at times but also increasingly confusing, as things begin to unravel for Whitacre.  We both enjoyed the movie.
Have you seen any good movies lately?


Unknown said...

I've been recording the Parenthood series, but havne't watched it yet. Hear great things so I'm excited to get started - thought I'd wait til off season and there's nothing good to watch.

We went to see Robin Hood in the theater on Friday. It was good, but I tend to like those kind of movies. Except for the violence (which had me cringing at times) I enjoyed that it didn't have a lot of language or sexual innuendos.

Have a restful week Sue!

Sue Jackson said...

PJ -

You'll love Parenthood! I'm with you - I like to have something to watch in the "off season." All of our favorite shows are wrapping up this week - what will we watch?

We all want to see Robin Hood, too - one of our favorite family movies is the old Robin Hood with Errol Flynn - awesome!


David said...

Have you seen Modern Family, the new TV series? Soooo funny.

Toni said...

The Informant was a strange one, wasn't it? But I enjoyed Matt Damon's acting a lot. If you haven't seen The Insider (also based on a true story) starring Russell Crowe, do see it. It's excellent.

Anonymous said...

No movies for me, but, I had a lucky break with books...

The 7 keto-DHEA sponsored the energy for me to walk to the local library on Saturday morning, and there just happened to be the biggest used book fair of the year on! I got a stack of great hardcovers for a few dollars. I started reading one by Anne McAffrey, I forgot how good her Dragon novels are!


Dominique said...

I just watched the informant. I thought the movie was okay but I found Matt Damon's performance amazing. He didn't play this character, he was this character. That was worth the time watching the movie.

He has really grown as an actor. I remember a time when critics were laughing because he took on the Jason Bourne roll. He was the one laughing all the way to the bank after that! Ha!

I watched "Into the Storm" this weekend. It is an HBO special your can rent about Winston Churchill. Man was that good. I got choked up several times during the movie. He so believed in his country.

I also watched "Public Enemies". Love Johnny Depp and he did not let me down. I knew little to nothing of John Dillinger, so I was Depp that drew me to the movie. I thought the costume designer did a great job keeping the period authentic. I enjoyed the producer's perspective as well. Really well done movie.

Sue Jackson said...

So many good suggestions!

David - we love Modern Family! The funniest show on Tv now - makes us laugh out loud!!

Toni - Yes, The Informant was a bit strange. I didn't want to say too much here and give anything away, but there are some unexpected surprises. I'll add The Insider to our list!

D - How wonderful that you were feeling well enough to walk to the library! The book sale sounds like so much fun. My husband and 15-year old son are both big McAffrey fans - enjoy the books!

Dominique - You're right about Matt Damon's performance - he really became the character - someone totally different from most of his movie characters. I'll add Public Enemies to our list!


Shelli said...

Sounds fun! I just watched "The Blind Side" with my girls. It was sweet and cheesy, in a good way, and I enjoyed it very much.

For TV, I love Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Fringe, and now Friday Night Lights is back and it is EXCELLENT! Good stuff to watch with my family.