Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie Monday 5/24

Sorry I've been so out of touch lately.  This time of year always gets so busy - end of soccer season, all sorts of end-of-school activities (we have something going on every night this week!), and getting ready for vacation.  Plus, my mom and her husband were here for two days last week, I've had book groups three weeks in a row (an unusual occurrence), and I spent all day Friday driving Jamie to NJ and back for a doctor's appointment. By last Friday evening, Ken and I were both hugely overwhelmed and completely exhausted.  It took me all weekend to recuperate.  Today, I had to take BOTH boys for x-rays (one wrist and one ankle, both soccer injuries).  Thankfully, there are no broken bones - casts and summer don't mix well!

On the plus side, I am feeling a bit better (when I'm not exhausted from doing too much!).  I was thrilled last week to finally clear out the hundreds of unread e-mails that had been sitting in my inbox for months, and I cleared off the stacks of paper from the kitchen counter.  Both of those achievements are huge and very good for my mental well-being!

So, I hope to get back to more regular blogging this week and to have some time to visit blogs, too.

Meanwhile, it's Movie Monday...We spent some of the weekend catching up on TV shows we taped during the week - so many season finales and no time to watch!  But we did fit in a couple of movies:
  • We watched Earth with the kids on Saturday.  As you'd expect, the cinematography is absolutely amazing - we kept calling out, "Wow!" and "Did you see that?"  And we were pleased to find that the movie tells a story - actually several stories, following a family of polar bears, a herd of elephants, and other animals trying to survive amid the challenges of nature.  Both the nature scenes and the animals are awe-inspiring, and thr stories were fascinating.  We all enjoyed it very much.
  • Ken and I watched Sunshine Cleaning.  It's a funny and heartwarming story of two sisters, played by Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, who go into the crime-scene cleaning business.  It's a disgusting business, but the money is good.  Meanwhile, the sisters are each struggling with their own issues, which are emphasized by some of the death scenes they clean up.  OK, it sounds sort of gross and morbid the way I'm describing it, but it's a surprisingly hopeful movie.  We both liked it very much...and you know Ken doesn't like depressing movies!
Tonight we get to watch the end of the Lost finale - we just couldn't stay up late enough last night to see the end!

Have you seen any good movies lately?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
We watched Avatar yesterday morning. My younger son and husband had seen it, but my older son wasn't feeling good at the time and missed it. Quite good! Helps to have a 60 inch Tv to get the psuedo theater experience and good to have cushy chairs and PJ's. We too plan to catch up on season ending shows. Love the DVR -great invention.

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to see this new study today from Dr. Lerner...


Dusty Bogwrangler said...

At least your kids had the good sense to save you one trip to the hospital by injuring themselves on the same day.

Good to hear from you Sue!

Sue Jackson said...

I haven't see Avatar yet. A friend took my boys to see it at the theater when it was out, but my husband and I haven't see it yet - I'm sure it won't be the same on our little TV screen! And believe it or not, we're still using actual tapes and a VCR!!

Fascinating study - I've heard mixed reviews of Dr. Lerner from patients, but I know he's one of our top experts on treating CFS with anti-virals. I've been on Valtrex or Famvir (the two meds used in his study) for 2 years, but the doses used in his study are REALLY high! I'll have to take a closer look at the details - thanks!

Jo -
ha ha - yup, only one trip to the imaging center this time! The receptionist wondered if they were wrestling together or something, but it was actually two separate soccer games. Meanwhile, my niece got a cast last week for a broken foot and my brother-in-law was also going for x-rays yesterday for a possible break - tough week for our family!


Kerry said...

Wow, what a exhausting (to put it mildly) week you've had and still you're giving us "Movie Monday"--wow.

Sunshine Cleaning--loved that. We watched a comedy over the weekend with a similar feeling to Sunshine Cleaning--King of California. It was tender and fun. Michael Douglas stars and Costco has a major roll.

Sue, hope you are able to take it much easier this week and that you keep feeling okay.

I remember when my kids were younger and in sports, May was insane with games--add in end of school happenings and the rest of life and wow, its a lot when trying to keep one's health in balance. Its amazing what you do.

Take good care of you...and thank you for movie reviews!

Annie said...

Mmmm Sunshine Cleaning.
Good movie.

Hope things are well Sue!!!! (as well as possible...)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of season finales, wasn't Grey's Anatomy just oh too much?! Wow. Talk about a tear-jerker, omg. Hope you caught it, Sue! I thought of you when I was watching.

Also, did you delete me from your list and then re-add me so I will show up in your dashboard? Don't know if my blog will show up there until I post again, but nonetheless that trick Jo figured out ought to DO the trick!


Dominique said...

I watched Wuthering Heights. Great movie (1992 version). I also just watched Armored. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. Loved the character ach(es) in it.

Sue Jackson said...

Judy -

Oh, my gosh, I was sobbing through the Grey's finale! We had to stop watching halfway through and tape the rest because it was on past our bedtime, and I could hardly wait to see how it turned out the next day.

Last time I checked, your feed still wasn't working, Judy, but I'll check again - my blog time has been severely limited lately!