Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I love singing that song when we're out here visiting my father-in-law in Oklahoma!

We had a tough time getting here, but we're doing OK now.  We left home the day after that huge storm hit the northeast.  All the flights out of Philadelphia had been cancelled the day before we left, so the Philly airport was crazy!  Plus, we still had 50 mph winds, so many flights, including ours, were delayed.  We spent 10 hours in airports and airplanes Monday and finally got to the house about 1 am (2 am our time!).  A very long day.

As expected, we suffered some fall-out from that long day.  Poor Jamie was horribly crashed on Tuesday - stayed in bed and read all day.  Jamie brought 4 books with him and has finished all of them already!  I managed OK through the day but then had a killer headache at night - possibly the worst of my life, the kind that makes you feel sick all over.

Today was much better.  We're all rested and enjoying being here.  Today we went to Pop's, a very cool shop on historic Route 66 that sells...pop!  All flavors from all over the world.  We picked out a mixed 6-pack of some great flavors and had lunch there.  We finally had the energy to play some games tonight, and even got my FIL to play with us for the first time in years!  The whole family played Skip-Bo, then Jamie smeared me in dominoes.  Ken, his Dad, and the boys are now enjoying watching the Oklahoma State Cowboys football game.

It's always nice and quiet and relaxing here, so that's good.  I'm enjoying the break and reading a lot.  Hope you're all enjoying this quiet week, too!


dominique said...

Oh goody! You're in my neck of the woods! And no snow here! :-)

I hope you enjoy your time with your family!

Happy New Years!

P.S. If you all make it to downtown Tulsa for some reason, stop by!

Amanda said...

Glad you recovered from your long travel day! Traveling is so tough but worth it when you're going to visit family! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
:) Amanda
PS- Any advice for prepping your body for travel? I always feel so exhausted before I even get on the plane. Also, how do you manage to not have any crashes while you are away?

Anonymous said...

It will be good when our lives get back to the normal routines and we can feel "our" normals again. During my post-xmas-crash, I slept more than I ever do. I slept on and off all day on Sunday and on Monday and on Tuesday, and I slept for 12 hours Saturday night and Sunday night. Unheard of. Not that I didn't wake up a bunch of times during those nights, but still!


parenting ad absurdum said...

Oy, I hate those headaches!!

My biggest travel tip is water, water, water - it's so easy to get dehydrated when you're out of your normal routine, and that just makes everything worse.

Glad you're feeling better!


Renee said...

Our oldest was out in CT for Christmas with her family...needless to say..the weather was a nightmare..but they made it home last night. Glad you are there and able to rest and recoup b/f heading home again.. Enjoy!

Peggy said...

The weather here in SW Missouri has been unusually warm the last 2 days but is supposed to drop tonight below 20. Not sure what part of Oklahoma you are visiting but just across the OK border they had a bad tornado early this in Cincinnati, Ark. Odd time of year for a tornado in the 4 state area.
Hope you all enjoy your visit in OK.....maybe you will see Dominique...Tulsa is beautiful.