Thursday, December 09, 2010

'Tis the Season for Giving!

I've been soooo busy lately, bouncing back and forth between activity and crashes.  I probably should have written this post about three weeks ago, but maybe there are some of you out there like me who haven't finished your holiday shopping yet.

I just wanted to remind you that there is a simple way to earn money for ME/CFS research while shopping online through two excellent websites.

iGive includes thousands of online stores, and it is also a search engine.  First, register with iGive and pick a charity - it's quick and free.  Through tomorrow, they're running a special promotion.  Use this link to sign up, and they'll donate an extra $1 to your charity with your first search (you don't have to buy anything or even visit a store - just use their search engine once).

When you want to shop, go to, just find the store you want on their page (you can click on the first letter, type into the search box, or browse through various categories along the left side), then click through to the store.  A pop-up box will indicate what percentage the store will donate to your charity of choice.  As a cool bonus, the pop-up box also tells you about any special sales or coupon codes you can use at the store.  Then, just shop normally and the store will donate a percentage of your purchase to your charity.

I've used iGive for about 5 years now, with the CFIDS Association as my designated charity.  I believe the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) is there now, too.

The other website I sometimes use is GoodShop.  It works similarly, though you don't have to register.  Each time you go to the site, type in the store you want and the charity you want to donate to.  On this one, I usually designate WPI.

So, do some good with your shopping this season!  Besides, online shopping is perfect for all of us with ME/CFS.  I tried actually going to a store on Tuesday, and I'm still trying to recover!

One last note.  If you have any money left over for charitable giving this year, consider making one last donation to WPI.  I heard recently that they are ready to start clinical trials for anti-retro-viral drugs for XMRV in ME/CFS patients but that they don't have the money to start the studies yet.  Besides, if you make your donation before December 31, you'll have another tax deduction for 2010!  I'm going over there now to make mine.  I really want to see those clinical trials start!

Hope you're managing this hectic season a little better than I am!


Lori P said...

Wow, Sue - great advise! I'll check out both shops. Thank you.

dominique said...

great post.

parenting ad absurdum said...

What a great set up - thanks for sharing it!! Thanks for your email too - I appreciate it, and will write back when I have time to sit down...asap!!