Tuesday, March 01, 2011

CFS Column in Huffington Post

A friend (Thanks, Martine!) sent me a link to a new column in the Huffington Post written by a columnist "coming out of the closet"with his ME/CFS.  It's an excellent column and it has inspired lots of comments, too.  You can read the column here.

I really intended to finally write a post about my beta blockers today, but I just can't manage it.  Both boys were still home sick today.  Looks like maybe a virus, since Craig has a fever (he actually lost his appetite for a while, which is amazing), though this is 3 weeks in a row for Jamie.  Later this week, I promise!


Shelli said...

I read that, too! It was a good article. I love seeing more light shining on CFS in the media.

Baffled said...

I'm glad people are finally coming out of the closet with regard to this illness. As soon as my legal stuff is over I'll probably come out myself.

Elaine said...

I liked the article. I have to admit, I got so sick so fast that hiding it never occured to me. I was just too ill.

Glad there are more people writing about this.