Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Movie Tuesday 3/8 and Happy Mardi Gras!!

Surprise, surprise...I am starting the week behind again.  Monday morning, I heard Jamie and Ken leave the house on time, heard Craig get in the shower at 7 am, so I thought, "Great!  Back to normal today - everyone at school and work, and I can finally get some work done!"  Then I got dressed and came downstairs to find Craig wrapped in a quilt on the recliner, shivering with fever, coughing, and telling me his chest hurt.  We spent hours yesterday at the pediatrician's office (a 2 hour wait!), getting a chest x-ray, and going to the drugstore.  We finally got back home at 3 pm - waaay past my nap time!  Turns out he has a sinus infection and bronchitis...but no pneumonia, thank goodness.  I was useless the rest of the night.  Craig was in terrible shape today but is starting to perk up a tiny bit, thanks to strong antibiotics.

But today is Mardi Gras Day!  We had a very nice party Saturday night - about 18 adults and 6 kids.  Good food, good conversation, and great company.  Before CFS, our Mardi Gras parties were huge affairs, with 50-60 people!  Ken and I agree it's actually more fun this way, with just some close friends (who all help).  Instead of drinking until 2 am, everyone was gone by 10:30 pm!  If you want to see what a real Mardi Gras parade is, you can check out this live webcam (though I think by this time of day, the major parades might be finished already - there were still some truck parades going by last time I checked!)

And, finally, though it's Tuesday already, here's a quick recap of the movies we saw last week:
  • Ken and I watched The Road Friday night, based on the Cormac McCarthy book.  One word: grim.  It's a post-apocalyptic story of a father and son journeying cross country.  This is a bleak world, with no plantlife, no animals, no sunlight, and no hope.  It's well-done and the relationship between the boy and his dad was touching, but if you prefer uplifting movies, this is not for you.
  • We watched Hulk with the kids and discovered there were two different movies about the Hulk released recently (the other is The Incredible Hulk).  It was pretty good, though we've seen a glut of superhero movies lately.  This one starred Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, and Nick Nolte.  The acting and story were good, though I am partial to the TV show version starring Bill Bixby from the 70's.  In fact, I just got the first season out of the library to show the kids!
  • While sick last week, the boys watched a whole slew of movies on DVD and TV: Yes Man (they said it was funny), Ghostbusters 2, and Napoleon Dynamite (they laughed hysterically and repeated quotes from it all week!).  Then Craig went back to school, and Jamie watched Hitman, Shaft (the new version with Samuel L. Jackson), and The Village (he pronounced it creepy but not scary and a little weird).
Have you seen any good movies this week?  Hope you have a good Mardi Gras Day!

P.S. If you're interested in what we're reading this week, check out my Monday post on my book blog.)


  1. Yes, Fat Tuesday today:) The only celebrating we do is to always have pancakes on Fat Tuesday! Quite a few churches do that around here too....
    No movies here. Trying to get through flu again...for both of us this time.

  2. Sue,
    Your Mardi Gras party sounds like fun. What yummy food did you serve??

    I did not feel well at all this weekend, so it was a good weekend to knit and watch movies. I saw 127 Hours. It's an intense movie and I had to look away a few times, but an amazing story. Also we watched the original True Grit. I haven't seen the new one yet. After seeing it I can't wait to see the new one! I never thought I'd like a Western! Go figure! And then on Sunday they had an Indiana Jones marathon on. I LOOOVE those movies. (except for the newest one!)

    Hope Craig is feeling better!
    :) Amanda

  3. We enjoyed Pirate Radio (not sure about the kids: it takes place in the 60s drugs, sex and rock and roll). The sound track is awesome! I had forgotten I like Dusty Springfield and I sat listening to her on YouTube afterwards.

    I also watch Thomas Hardy's Daniel Deronda (BBC miniseries) which I liked but would bore hubby to death.

    Hubby watched The Code and said it was aweful. All action no plot.

    I have Yes Men and Sweeny Todd sitting on my desk for this week.

  4. Renee - So sorry to hear you and Joel are both sick! Hope you enjoyed your pancakes and are feeling better soon.

    Amanda - We always have the same food - jambalaya, red beans and rice, shrimp, and King Cale and bread pudding with whiskey sauce for dessert. We used to sometimes be able to get crawfish, but the local fish shop said they called La and the minimum order was 100 lbs!! Thanks for the movie suggestions -I'm adding them to my list!

    Baffled - Thanks for reminding me about Pirate Radio! The previews looked great when it came out in theaters.