Friday, October 21, 2011

ME/CFS Groups on Facebook

OK, I think we have found a solution to the problems you've been having accessing a couple of groups on Facebook.

As I posted last week, there are two Secret groups on Facebook for people with ME/CFS - ME Mums and Dads and ME/CFS - Pacing with a Heart Rate Monitor.  Apparently, the links I posted here didn't work, I think because they are Secret groups (that just means the groups don't show up in searches on Facebook; the new groups I set up for teens and their parents are Closed but not Secret, meaning no one can see the posts unless they are members, but they do show up in searches).  Sorry about the problems - the links work fine for me because I am already a member of both groups!

Anyway, after much debate and trial, we can't seem to find links that will work, so it appears the only way to get into one of these groups is through someone who is already a member.  So, let's try something different:

If you are interested in joining the Pacing with a Heart Rate Monitor group, you can send a Facebook message to either Barnaby Fotheringham  or Lee Lee Ingram, who are both administrators of the group.

If you want to join ME Mums and Dads (for people who have ME/CFS and are parents), you can send me a Facebook message at Sue Boulter Jackson.  Just one thing about this approach, and I hope you won't think me rude!  I generally do not "friend" people unless they are family or close friends that I know in person.  I have made a few exceptions over the years, for people I have gotten to know very well online, but generally, with too many friends I don't actually know, it just becomes too overwhelming for me to keep track of.  I do, however, actively participate in all of these Facebook groups, including our two new ones for teens and parents of sick kids.  Believe me, between my three blogs and all of these Facebook groups, I have my hands full!  I do hope you understand and don't think me rude if I don't accept your friend request.

Ok, let's try it this way - hopefully, those of you interested in joining these two groups will be able to now. 

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Anonymous said...

Ay yi yi!! Yet another prompting from the universe "forcing" me almost, to get a Facebook page! Those promptings are EVERYWHERE lately! Including from my daughter, nieces, nephew, cousins, aunt. I'm going to have to open a Facebook account that I NEVER wanted to do in order to be able to happily follow their goings-on!