Monday, October 24, 2011

Movie Monday 10/24

Well, last week was another in a long string of rough weeks.  Jamie was completely incapacitated again and missed another full week of school - that's 16 days since Sept. 1.  The good news is that he went back to school for a partial day today (though only because we stopped his Lyme meds again).  I talked to the Lyme doctor today and think we have a plan that might allow him to move forward in his treatment without being so totally crashed.  We'll see - I'll keep you posted and will write more about our plans later this week, as I finish figuring it out myself!

So, with him home and so horribly crashed last week, he watched a lot of movies on TV.  With Halloween approaching, a bunch of channels were showing back-to-back horror movies, so he watched a bunch of those and scared himself!   I'll try to remember some of the movies he watched (I was in the room to keep him company but trying to get some tiny bit of work done!):
  • FX channel was showing non-stop scary movies last week.  I don't remember all the titles - some were just slasher films.  Jamie watched Perfect Stranger with Halle Berry, a good thriller that Ken and I had watched before with a great twist at the end. 
  • I came home from Craig's soccer game to find Jamie totally freaked out after watching a TV series, American Horror Stories, that he said was really scary.  He swore he wouldn't watch it again but then amended that the next day to say, "only during the day when someone else is home!"
  • He wanted me to watch Shutter with him, a spooky ghost story he'd seen before and really liked, about a newlywed couple who move to Japan and start seeing ghosts.  He was right - it was good.  I prefer ghost stories to slasher/horror-type movies.
  • As a family, we watched some more episodes of our favorites on DVD, Bones and The Big Bang Theory.  By evening, Jamie was too wiped out for a full-length movie.
Have you seen any good movies lately?  Any spooky suggestions for Halloween season?


Renee said...

Okay, I will not make any point with this one, but I really really dislike Halloween and always have, except for the little kids and candy part. No horror movies for this lady....once in the 80's my sister and I watched Halloween the movie and I was so freaked out and so was she. She was visiting our home and she asked if she could sleep with Joel and I !!! Seriously not going that route ever again :) So, I would not have any movies to share with you :)
Sorry to hear Jamie is having such a tough not fair.

Joel and I laugh at that silly Big Bang Theory show strange it is.

Sue Jackson said...

Ha ha - no worries, Renee! I knew what you would say on this topic! I enjoy suspense movies and thrillers (though when I first got sick, they were too stimulating for me), but I don't like horror movies/slasher films either.

Loved the story about your sister getting into bed with you! lol


Elaine said...

So sorry things have been rough again.... can't imagine how hard it is.

I also don't like to be scared, so I won't watch horror movies. Makes my heart pound so hard I can't breathe..... pulse races, etc... a big baby I am:)

Hope things improve soon!


Annie said...

I am so going to have to get onto Big Bang Theory as it seems to be such a hot favourite with CFSers and one of my other friends was talking about it the other day too....

Lazuli~Blue said...

Hi :) I'm Marie Rosa, I joined the group you set up for teens with CFS/ME...I'm really enjoying talking to other people my age with the illness, especially ones that live in the US, it's so cool!
Anyway, I've just started my own blog, I was wondering if you could "follow" it?

I've really liked reading yours and it was actually this blog that inspired me to start writing my own.

Also, I'm useless with scary films...even the adverts for The Ring freaked me out! I do like The Corpse Bride though, it's all stop-motion animation by Tim Burton and so visually it is fantastic.


Sue Jackson said...

Dear Marie-Rosa -

I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying my blog and the new teen Facebook group!

I love your new blog - you are off to a great start! Be sure to post about it on the teen group - I bet they would all enjoy reading a blog by someone their own age! Good luck with it - I will be following!


P.S. I don't really like scary movies, either! The Ring's ad scared me, too!