Thursday, December 01, 2011

Support ME/CFS With Your Holiday Shopping!

Just a reminder (because I always forget!)...

While you are doing your holiday shopping online from your couch or bed (as I have been doing this week), here are some easy ways to help support ME/CFS research:
  • iGive - the classic. Choose your charity and choose from hundreds of online stores. I have mine set to donate to the CFIDS Association of America. iGive also sends you updates of how much you've earned for your charity.
  • GoodShop - same sort of thing - choose your store and choose your charity.  Between the two sites, you can find just about every online store you can think of.
Both sites also feature coupon codes (I got 50% off and free shipping yesterday at Lands' End!); the amount donated varies by store - usually between 1-5% of your purchase.

So, happy shopping and happy holidays!!


Elaine said...

What a fun idea!! And good for all of us too:) Shopping from home and supporting a good cause:)

Double winner!

Thanks for the info.

Keena said...

I did 95% of my shopping online this year....Nakes it so much easier than fighting the crowds and lines...Thx for the info