Monday, January 09, 2012

Movie Monday 1/9

I'm overdue for a Movie Monday!  We actually ended up watching quite a few movies last week.  Jamie is STILL badly crashed and has been couch-bound since Christmas.  To cheer him up, we watched lots of movies last week (and one the previous week):
  • While visiting my father-in-law in Oklahoma after Christmas, we watched Captain America.  I've kind of overdosed on all these superhero movies lately, but the boys love them.  And this one surprised me - I had no idea that Captain America had anything to do with World War II.  Apparently, his character was created to encourage Americans to be patriotic and buy war bonds.  So, the WWII angle made this movie more interesting than I expected.  We all enjoyed it.
  • When we got home, a DVD I'd requested at the library was waiting for us, Alabama Moon.  It is the movie adaptation of one of our all-time favorite books (see my review) about a boy left on his own after his father dies, and we all enjoyed seeing it come to life on-screen (though of course, the book was better!).
  • At Jamie's request, I also got X-Men: First Class from the library.   You may recall, we've been making our way through all of the X-Men movies.  Jamie'd already seen this one, but he really wanted to share it with the rest of us.  He was right - it was very good and filled in some of the questions left from the other X-Men movies about how they got started.
  • During one of Jamie's sick days last week, he and I watched  a couple of movies on FX: first, High Crimes, starring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd, a movie about a woman (Judd) defending her military husband who's been accused of murder.  It was very good, but I really like both Freeman and Judd so that helped!
  • Next, we watched Along Came a Spider, a movie adaptation of one of James Patterson's suspense novels.  I'd seen it before, but Jamie hadn't.  It's another movie starring Morgan Freeman (who is great!), and he enjoyed it.
Have you seen any good movies lately?

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